Engineering work and consultancies

alera international


As a technology provider, we are not only offering licenses, but we also consult in the areas of energy and environmental technologies.

Our work ranges from advise on specific questions to long term cooperations including extensive engineering planning work and project management.



Combustion systems

Using our patented TwinFluid combustion system for energy production from renewable fuels, production waste or difficult fuels we offer the complete engineering, ranging from basic engineering and heat & mass balances to detailed engineering including workshop drawings. On the basis of many years of experience we can also give advise on questions relating to combustion technology and related issues.

We can optimise your sludge incineration by adding a thermal hydrolysis process and so maximise the electricity production and realise auto thermal combustion of sledges with high water content without the need for a dryer.

Environmental technology

We also offer consultant services in the area of gas cleaning of combustion plant. Our design of high efficiency cyclones is based on our own design software package which includes our dry spray particle agglomeration system. Furthermore. we can consult on the issues of emission regulations.

System technology & project management

As additional service, we offer project management . In this area we can also provide project time management with the use of modern software packages. In cooperation with our partners and licensees we offer installation and commissioning support. For electrical systems and in the area of instrumentation and control, we offer complete engineering and design.