CyDesignThe patented CyDesign TSA system

Cyclones should be considered to be fluid dynamic machines and not just static containments. Until now good cyclones have their place in process technology for the seperation of solids from gas streams. If gases at 1000 °C or in aggresive environments have to be cleaned, our CyDesign cyclones will do it in the optimum way.

Our cyclones have high seperation efficiencies which are achieved with low overall pressure loss.

A detailed describtion can be found with this link

To further increase the efficiencies of cyclones we employ our patented dry spray agglomeration system (TSA) where particles are agglomerated with a small amout of water which will completely evaporate. This system has also been employed successfuly with electrostatic prciptators and wet scrubbers

We offer this technology as a license to manufacturers of plant and we supply our own software package to our partners. A full functional 14 day trial version can be downloaded with teh following link:

CyDesign Programm purchase & Demo download (english)