AThMoSS - Our patented sludge combustion system without a dryer

The disposal of sewage sludge constitutes an ever increasing challenge to our society. Our patented system for the combustion of sewage sludge without additional fuel and optimized energy recovery has the following advantages:

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Self sustained combustion of wet sewage sludge

In our system, it is possible to burn sewage sludge with high water content without additional fuel or a dryer and only with mechanical dewatering at the water treatment plant in an environmentally friendly and efficient way.

Integrated thermodynamic system without the need for a dryer

With our system, it is possible to burn sludge even with a water content as high as 75 % without the need for a dryer. Through the heating under pressure of the sludge with the combustion gases in a closed circuit flue gas heat exchanger, a dryer with the associated off gas treatment is not necessary.

Thermal hydrolysis of the sludge

Through thermal hydrolysis of the raw or digested sludge the energy recovery is maximized and high viscosity of the sludge is avoided, Furthermore the mechanical dewatering process is improved and the heat transfer in the flue gas heater exchanger is increased.