The patented LignoEnergy energy system

The wood panel industry has very unique energy requirements for the production of the boards. For the dryers a considerable amout of hot gas is needed at temperatures of 850 °C. For the press, heated thermal oil is required and addional in case of fibre boards steam must be provided.

The complete energy shall be generated by using production waste only, preferable in a single, integrated energy plant.

A detailed description can be found under this link

Through the heat transfer trough the membrane wall furnace construction, thermal oil heating can be realised at high efficiency without the need for a bypass thermal oil heater. Even under part load conditions, the dryer is supplied with hot gas at 850°C and therefore this integrated energy system reaches otherwise impossible overall efficiency.

By supplying two plants with 50 MW thermal capacity each, we have proven the industrial readiness for our system. In agreement with Egger, they have filed a patent for this process on which we have a full and unrestricted user right.